New Minimum Gift Card Expiry in NSW
March 31st, 2018

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The NSW Government is introducing a mandatory minimum expiry period of 3 years for gift cards and gift vouchers sold to a consumer in NSW, as well as a ban on post-purchase administration fees, starting 31 March 2018.

The new requirements have been made by amendment to the Fair Trading Act 1987.
Pit Stop Recharge, along with our gift card suppliers, will avail the 6-month transition period granted within the new NSW legislation.
During the transition, businesses can continue to sell their existing stock of gift cards which are labelled with shorter expiry dates, if they take actions to
inform consumers about the new laws.

These cards must be honoured for at least three years, despite their non-compliant labelling

  • During transition period, packaging and gift card may still state 12 months expiry
  • Actual expiry will be 3 years from activation
  • New gift card stock with compliant packaging will be rolled out before 30th September

Pit Stop will take the following actions to ensure consumers are aware of the new laws during the transition period:

  • Place notice on all printed receipts
  • Place advertisements on our terminal screens
  • Place a static notification on the smart terminal product confirmation page
  • Place notice on Pit Stop website
  • Send series of notifications to all venues
  • Provide venues with a web banner
  • Provide venues with PDF print material for display within venues
  • Update any relevant T&Cs

The reforms do not apply to gift cards and vouchers purchased before 31 March 2018. The terms and conditions in place at the date of purchase of those cards will continue to apply.

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