Business Information Tool

Pit Stop Reward's web-based Business Information Tool provides fast and easy access to transactions made via your Pit Stop solution. This includes all transactions made on: smart terminals, activ8, bulk gift card orders, purchases made on Pit Stop Wholesale (procurement website) and your member rewards e-store.
With secure view-only access to our dashboard you can easily view:

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, annual transactions or choose your own date range
  • Search by individual member
  • Payment type, time and amount
  • View individual member history
  • Search by gift card number
  • Search by pre-paid mobile phone product
  • Electrical current being delivered to mobile phone charging lockers.

With this data at your fingertips you can easily measure the success of promotional programs, member communications and gain valuable behavior insights.



Pit Stop Recharge Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian owned and operated private company. Our innovative hardware and software solutions are proudly manufactured in our southern Sydney workshop using robust and reliable components sourced locally and from overseas. Since 2010 our products have steadily increased in market share and are now featured in over 65 venues across NSW, including some of the state's top-ranking clubs.