Are you offering your members attractive redemption options?
Aug 2, 2019

Ultimate giftcard

The recent Loyalty Big Picture Report by Loyalty One gathered data across loyalty program practitioners and consumers across the globe to provide an in-depth examination on the value business and customers place on loyalty programs.

A major finding was that approximately 50% of members choose to be part of a loyalty program due to the rewards it offers. This is second only to the program's ease of use (56%).

This begs the question: what rewards are you offering members of your hospitality venue? Is it simply discounted food and beverage? Could you be offering more and in turn increasing the value your members place on your venue's loyalty program?

Pit Stop Recharge provides your members with an array of extra options to spend their loyalty points on. Our smart terminals activate physical & digital gift cards and prepaid mobile credit on-the-spot, providing members with discreet and instant loyalty redemption options. Rewarding your members with the option of spending their points on things other than food & beverage will encourage them to return regularly to your venue.

With 21% of members stating that "they will abandon a loyalty program if it doesn't provide relevant rewards", your venue can't afford to restrict loyalty redemption options.

Members also want to see their account activity in real-time – specifically, "73% want to see instant currency updates and redemption information". All Pit Stop transactions occur in real-time, so points are deducted at the completion of every successful transaction. Pit Stop smart terminals allow members to check their points balance simply by swiping their membership card.

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