Pit Stop Wholesale is your one-stop shop for promotional purchasing
Mar 21, 2019

Ultimate giftcard

Promotions and giveaways have been a staple in hospitality venues for many years. Keeping promotions fresh and exciting is imperative as they play a major role in encouraging members & guests to return to the venue on regular occasions.

Pit Stop understands that the Marketing & Promotions teams don't have a lot of time to spend shopping at various retailers looking for the best bargains for every promotion. We also know prizes need to fit within tight budget constraints, while still being of a high quality and value so as to appeal to the members. Then there is the issue that some venues are not getting their money's worth via other third party suppliers who are putting together their promotional packages.

Pit Stop Wholesale (www.pitstopwholesale.com.au) was created as the solution to your promotional purchasing needs. It is part of every venue's package when they become a customer of Pit Stop Recharge. We've teamed up with suppliers of top-name brands to offer our venues access to hundreds of discounted premium products across a variety of categories, including electrical, homewares, kitchen appliances, outdoors and toys. From kettles, coffee makers and frypans, to wireless headphones, camping tents and plasma TV's, Pit Stop Wholesale caters to promotional budgets of all sizes.

New products are added daily, keeping the ranges fresh and up-to-date. The need to shop around online and in-store at different retailers is no longer necessary, which makes purchasing on Pit Stop Wholesale quick and cost-effective.

Purchases made on Pit Stop Wholesale are included in Pit Stop's Club Profit Sharing Program. This means that every item acquired attracts discounted pricing, as well as the venue also sharing in any associated profit. Pit Stop are continually looking to expand the ranges we offer, with new suppliers being negotiated with on a regular basis. Just remember if there is a product type/range you are looking for that we don't seem to stock - ask us. We can see what we can be done to service your club's needs.

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