Pit Stop associates launch new e-commerce website
Dec 04, 2019


Pit Stop has been in the gift card industry for over 10 years. We've seen it grow into a multi-billion dollar industry in Australia, and it's only getting larger every year.

The world is becoming more and more digital by the day. We can see this with the choice of EFTPOS instead of cash, email instead of postal mail, and music streaming instead of CD's, just to name a few. In line with these trends, we are also starting to see consumers purchase digital gift cards instead of physical gift cards.

One of Pit Stop's associates have launched a new website allowing consumers to purchase digital gift cards from some of Australia's largest and most-recognised brands. e-gift it (www.egiftit.com.au) is the only e-commerce site in Australia that also gives customers the opportunity to personalise digital gift cards by way of adding digital wrapping, an e-greeting card and a funky tune - the ultimate digital gift experience.

Consumers leave on average $77.70 in unspent credit on gift cards (Finder.com), and in 2017, one in seven gift cards purchased in Australia went unused. A major reason for this is because physical gift cards are so easy misplace, or even forget about. Digital gift cards purchased from e-gift it are sent directly to the recipient's phone or email and can be accessed at any time. Digital gift card recipients no longer have to worry about losing a gift card or realising they've left it at home.

With the additional benefit of digital gift cards being more environmentally friendly than their plastic counterparts, we know that digital gift cards will soon become to preferred choice for shoppers and gift-givers.

Ride the digital gift card wave with us and check out www.egiftit.com.au today.