New Terminal feature gives members more payment options
Nov 12, 2019


Pit Stop Recharge prides itself on continually upgrading its technology to ensure all products remain relevant and up to date in the ever-changing loyalty redemption space. Our venues know that we take on board all suggestions as our end goal is to deliver self-service solutions that ultimately add value to customer experiences.

Pit Stop is pleased to announce the roll-out of its newest technological upgrade - Points + Points . We have completed this feature as a direct response to clubs asking for this capability to be made available for their members.

Points + Points will allow a club's members to redeem a service from the Terminal or Concierge using two (2) loyalty cards. For example - a member may wish to redeem their loyalty points for a gift card of set value, but because that member does not have enough points, they may then ask (or coerce) a family member to use the loyalty points from their membership to finalise the transaction. Alternatively, where clubs give out promotional cards with pre-loaded points as prizes, the Points & Points feature allows a member to combine both their prize card with their loyalty points to redeem their service of choice.

Pit Stop will make this service available to all terminals, including the Concierge. This means that venues with a Concierge can allow members to combine points in order to redeem products from the Rewards Store, delivering even more value to the Club's loyalty program and to members.

Is your loyalty redemption solution constantly being upgraded? Or has it just been installed with stagnant technology? Get in touch with Pit Stop today and invest in a loyalty redemption solution that continually adapts to add more and more value to your customer's experiences.