New Federal gift card legislation
Nov 12, 2019


New Federal gift card legislation came into effect on November 1st, 2019. Below are the parts of the new legislation that have an affect Pit Stop and its partner venues:

  • All gift cards must have a minimum 3 years expiry from the date of issue
  • Any gift card sold with an expiry date must have the date of expiry or activation written clearly on the gift card; alternatively, it must have the words "no expiry date" or words to that effect listed prominently.

Regarding point 1, last year Pit Stop and its card partners already ensured all gift cards activated at one of our Terminals has a minimum 3 years expiry. This was due to the preceding NSW legislation which came into effect in September last year.

Regarding point 2, we have worked closely with our card partners and venues to put in place the most effective procedures to ensure all gift cards activated at a Pit Stop Smart Terminals are 100% compliant.

For more information on Pit Stop's gift card compliancy, get in touch with us through our Contact page.