The Concierge

Pit Stop's Concierge is a tablet that provides venues with a smaller and portable alternative to the smart terminals. The Concierge allows staff to offer personal service to club members and patrons by providing access to loyalty rewards anywhere in the venue. Gift cards can be activated instantly on the spot, membership points can be added/removed, and members can be signed up anywhere in the venue. The Concierge will take your promotions and raffles to the next level.

  • Real-time physical and digital gift card activation
  • Add/remove membership points anywhere in the venue
  • Membership points balance check
  • Woolworths gift card balance check
  • Member entry swipe (optional)
  • Pay using a combination of membership points and/or credit
  • Membership sign-up (optional extra)
  • Rewards Store accessibility

  • Single-sided card swipe
  • Bluetooth portable printer
  • Docking station for charging
  • Hand-held support
  • Direct API connection into any loyalty provider’s server
Lite Terminal

Membership Points

One of the defining features of the Concierge is its ability to add membership/loyalty points to a member's account in real-time on the spot. The efficiency of your venue's promotions and giveaways will be substantially increased as points can easily be added in a matter of seconds. Gone will be the days of spending hours at your computer after a promotion manually adding points to membership accounts.

Gift Card Activation

Pit Stop works closely with major gift card providers to bring our customers a vast range of choice when it comes to redeeming loyalty/membership points. Our state-of-the-art technology allows for real-time gift card activation transactions where gift cards can be purchased instantly using points and/or credit. Click here for more information on our gift card range.

Balance Check

Pit Stop's technology integrates seamlessly with your gaming/loyalty provider, which means members can discreetly check their points balance at the Smart Terminal. In addition to this, all Woolworths WISH Gift Card balances can also be discreetly checked at the Smart Terminal.

Business Information Tool

Every transaction made through the Concierge is captured in Pit Stop's web-based Business Information Tool. With this real-time data at your fingertips, you can easily measure the success of promotional programs, member communications and gain valuable behaviour insights. Click here for more information Pit Stop's Business Information Tool.

Membership Sign-up (Optional Extra)

Due to the portable nature of the Concierge, venue patrons can be signed up as members on-the-spot anywhere in the venue. Membership sign-up is a club-by-club optional extra because Pit Stop needs to be granted integration access to your membership server via API's.

Rewards Store

Pit Stop's Reward Store allows members to spend their points on a huge range of products, including homewares, appliances, electrical, outdoors. The range is updated daily through a direct data feed integration, so stock is always current and up-to-date. Our suppliers can deliver products to the venue or directly to the member's home address. Click here for more information on Pit Stop's Rewards Store.

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