Free Standing terminal

Designed for maximum presence without hindering natural line of sight, the Free-Standing Smart Terminal is perfectly suited to shopping centres and milling areas. Pit Stop's software has been built with user experience and customer acquisition in mind, as well as facilitating loyalty program fulfilment. The Terminal can be configured based on the individual needs of prospective customers.

  • Real-time physical and digital gift card activation
  • Mobile phone charging
  • Membership points balance check
  • Woolworths gift card balance check
  • Member entry swipe (optional)
  • Pay using a combination of membership points, cash and/or credit

  • 2 x Webcam
  • 6 x Secure mobile phone charging lockers
  • 2 x Double-sided card swipe
  • 2 x 19'' customisable touch screen
  • 2 x Note
  • 2 x Credit/debit POS terminal
  • 2 x Coin mechanism
  • 2 x Thermal docket printer
  • 2 x 2D bar code and image scanner
  • 2 x 58'' high definition LCD screens
  • 2 x Audio speakers
  • Optional - 2 x 600dpi or 300dpi card printer
Smart Terminal Red

Gift Card Activation

Pit Stop works closely with major gift card providers to bring our customers a vast range of choice when it comes to redeeming loyalty/membership points. Our state-of-the-art technology allows for real-time gift card activation transactions where gift cards can be purchased instantly using points, cash and/or credit. Click here for more information on our gift card range.

Mobile Phone Charging

One of the Free Standing Terminal's defining components is its ability to securely charge up to 6 mobile devices at once. Customers can pay for locker charging using points, cash and/or credit. Have another use for the lockers? These can be configured to suit your venue – such as for "swipe to win" promotions. Click here for more information.

Balance Check

Pit Stop's technology integrates seamlessly with your gaming/loyalty provider, which means members can discreetly check their points balance at the Smart Terminal. In addition to this, all Woolworths WISH Gift Card balances can also be discreetly checked at the Smart Terminal.

Member Entry Swipe

The Smart Terminal can take on the role of entry swipe, where members can swipe their card upon entering the venue. Our technology can be customised to print out anything such as discount vouchers or raffle entry tickets – the options are limitless.

Advertising Screens

Promote the range of offerings to all passers-by with the 2 large LCD advertising screens. Pit Stop’s marketing team constantly updates terminal screen ads to educate members and guests on the Terminal’s capabilities and special promotions. Venues also have the opportunity to display in-house advertisements as well as any external third-party advertisements.

Business Information Tool

Every transaction made through the Free Smart Terminal is captured in Pit Stop’s web-based Business Information Tool. With this real-time data at your fingertips, you can easily measure the success of promotional programs, member communications and gain valuable behaviour insights. Click here for more information Pit Stop's Business Information Tool.

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Pit Stop Recharge Pty Ltd is a wholly Australian owned and operated private company. Our innovative hardware and software solutions are proudly manufactured in our southern Sydney workshop using robust and reliable components sourced locally and from overseas. Since 2010 our products have steadily increased in market share and are now featured in over 65 venues across NSW, including some of the state's top-ranking clubs.